A funny not-so-little story

22 09 2013

Years ago, my sister went to Taiwan with some friends to teach English. Every now and then, they were required to go to Hong Kong to renew their visas.

Her and her friend Jess were staying in a hotel until their visas were updated. The two women entered an elevator alongside two Chinese gentlemen. Kim and her friend noticed that these two men were substantially shorter than themselves. Jess herself is 6 feet tall, I believe, and my sister is about 5’8″.

They all stood side by side, the two men glancing up and the two women glancing down. Nothing was said about this height discrepancy, as elevator etiquette tends to be world-wide. A few polite smiles were exchanged and a look was shared between Kim and Jess, as they were used to being the tallest people in the crowd during their stay in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

A few floors later, the doors opened and two basketball players of African descent entered the elevator. They stood beside Jess and Kim and the two Chinese men. Kim and Jess looked down and then up, while these two men looked down and down, and the two Chinese men looked up and up. And all at once the six of them burst into laughter. They all laughed and hooted and howled and pointed at each other, language barriers melting away as the humour of it sunk in.

The laughter lasted until the elevator ride came to an end, and the six departed on their merry ways, still wiping tears from their shared guffaws of their own unique physical attributes.




6 responses

22 09 2013
Lana Torwalt

Hahaha! That’s awesome, can totally picture it!

23 09 2013

Kim has the best travel stories… too funny!

23 09 2013

HILARIOUS! I need to tell you more little funny stories, so you can write them out for me! LOVE IT!!!

23 09 2013

You have the best stories!

23 09 2013
Jenny Heston

Fabulous story and well written – duh!

23 09 2013

thanks darlin’! xo

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