Best one yet.

27 04 2013

I’ve never felt that I’m capable of the level of commitment of a bumper sticker. I mean, you’re putting some pretty personal opinion/political stance/religious view on your car that you may or may not trade in or sell one day. And we all know that those stickers are a real mother to remove….

I did put an OM symbol on my rear window once, but it peeled off years ago and left the ghostly remnant of my love for yoga. Every time I look in my rear view mirror I’m reminded of my perpetual laziness at getting around to remove that sticky stuff with a little bit elbow grease mixed with Goof-off or WD-40.

I do love reading bumper stickers. I find most of them funny, whether I agree with their sentiment or not. Living around Nelson offers a wide variety of opinions, many steeped in the love of the ganja, some in defiance in the face of capitalism and many setting that stage for education of the masses on better ways to live.

These are some of my favourites that I’ve seen around town, sported on every vehicle from old hippy vans to brand new SUVs… :

“My karma ran over your dogma.”

“My other car is a bicycle.”

“My other car is a pair of boots.”

“When Hell freezes over, we’ll ski there too.”

“Healthcare before Olympics.” (This one gets me every time I see it…. just for the whole relevance issue…. And I see it on a lot of vehicles around these parts. Dude…. The Olympics were 3 years ago… time to get off your ass and remove that sticker.. .oh, wait… never mind….)

“Live simply so others may simply live.”

“Envision whirled peas.”

So as I commute on a regular basis, I have come to enjoy the thoughtful ponderings and chuckles these little stickers of wisdom and humour offer me. I LOVE to imagine whirled peas. And I’ll definitely ski in hell when it freezes over.

But yesterday I saw one that, even though it could be perceived as rude or shocking or inappropriate, was concise and to the point. And, quite simply very, very true.

All it said was “Unfuck the world.”

And I thought to myself  Yes!! Let’s all do this!! We can all work together to unfuck this world. Whatever you do, however you do it. I’d like to see our Earth as unfucked as much as possible.

Unfuck the world indeed.