To beard or not to beard.

16 02 2013

Sitting in the pub the other night, I noticed a hairy phenomena unheard of when I haunted the bars every weekend back in the days of yore… back in the days of my youth.

Many of the young men these days are proudly sporting facial hair: cultivated goatees, haphazard 5 o’clock shadows, brazen muttonchops.

Many of my girlfriends vocalized their dislike of this trend. Not me, though. I’ve always liked a good looking man with a beard.

But before I go on, let’s clarify.



ugly beard 2


Nope. Not good.



ugly beard



No. For the love of all that is good in the world, NO.



katie beard

Well, this is just a sad case of denied sexuality.


However, this on the other hand….






God, yes.




Sweet Jesus… I … I have no words….


You see, a good beard makes my inner cave girl quiver. It suggest strength, protection and a manliness that makes my heart flutter. The rough texture against my cheek (or any other body part *wink wink*) brings me to my knees.

I like it. I like it a lot.

Now, I am not one to try to change anyone’s mind. I can completely understand how a well-kept shaved man can make any woman swoon.

But the rugged manly touch of facial hair brings out the beast in me.

Final case in point:


You can all leave me be now… I’ll just be here…. gazing at this (yes, yes, I know… IMAGINARY… but full-on masculine) hunk of hairy manhood.





8 responses

16 02 2013

I used to be a sucker for the clean shaven man, but more and more, I’m seeing the beauty in a little cheek traction. Ahem.

16 02 2013

Hahaha!! Where’s the like button?? I totally agree!!

16 02 2013

Hellllooooo. Adam Levine? Sweet Jesus. 👍👍👍👍

17 02 2013

Oh hell yes!!!!

17 02 2013

If you added some tat’s in there… I’ll just remove my clothes now!!

18 02 2013

LMAO!!! No kidding hey!!

17 02 2013

Sanjay Seran … oh yea!!

18 02 2013

Love that guy, he’s so good looking!

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