Hello again.

7 01 2013

Sometimes an idea for a blog post jumps into my brain and hangs around nagging me until I sit in front of my keyboard and type away. The lovely surprise for me is how the words just pour out and later, as I read back and self-edit, I am a little shocked and proud at the pretty turns of words and evocative phrases that I had created. Ego? Perhaps. But for the most part I fret about how little talent I actually have and how audacious I can be at times to say that yes, I can write and perhaps write well. I worry that no one really wants to read what I write and they only click Like on my facebook link to appease my attention-seeking side. Do they roll their eyes a wee bit? There there, Kris, they say. Stop clogging up my feed with your incessant babble I imagine they mutter….

But whatever, I say to myself. I don’t write to please anyone but my own inner spirit. At least that is what I tell myself. Who doesn’t love a genuine compliment about something they are proud of? I pluck away from time to time on a story that I have been working on for a couple of years now. I read back and I like it. I really think that it would be a book I might buy if it were written by someone else. But that inner demonic fear of failure and not being good enough sure can have a loud enough voice to convince me otherwise.

WRITE said a friend to me last night in a message. WRITE!!!

And so, I will.

I need to write, to flex my creative muscles in my head. I love to jot down a sentence that appears magically in my mind. Like for instance, the other day on the chairlift at Whitewater, I breathed in deep and marveled at the scent of the air. How can snow have a scent? But it was there, faint and gentle, cloaked in cold, and gently feathered with the sweet tang of alpine spruce. The silence of the mountain only served to enhance this scent somehow, so delicate it might not even be real. I breathed in, wishing to magnify it and make it more tangible. Yet the delicacy and nuance of that elusive fragrance is what made it so beautiful. How fleeting it was, this magic. How fortunate I felt to experience it.

And so, I write.

PS…. Thanks Jenny. For your words of support and a wee kick in the ass. πŸ™‚



10 responses

7 01 2013

You must be a mind reader too Kris, just yesterday I was wondering how long we have to wait before another blog from you is ready for us to enjoy. You amaze me and just keep on writing.

7 01 2013

Aw, thank you Grandma! I love you!! xoxo

7 01 2013
Lana Torwalt

Seriously!?!?!?! I, much like your Grandma, can’t wait to see you pop up on my e-mail list. I thoroughly enjoy everything you write! EVERYTHING! You have a way with words my dear. I’ve told you before that you make me “feel” what you write. You have made me laugh, cry and feel many other emotions when I read your blog. I love that. I will never forget your story about your garden in the magazine. I could feel the beans squeek between my teeth! PLEASE write! Do not doubt yourself! Oh yes, thank you Jennie! oxo

7 01 2013

Lana, it always means so much to me to know you read my blog! Love ya!

7 01 2013

I do think it is time you scratch the ‘wanna-be’ from your tag line. You write. Claim it..Own it… it’s True…You write! You’re Writeous!

7 01 2013

Thanks Les! That means a lot to me! πŸ™‚

7 01 2013

Leslie is right! You are writeous! (good one!) I always enjoy your words…sometimes I piss myself, sometimes I cry….many times I share what you have written (with a MY sister wrote this). Never stop!

7 01 2013

Thanks Kim!! Love you!!!

7 01 2013
Jenny Heston

K, are you frigging get it? I loved this post, when I came to the last paragraph the hair on the back of my neck stood up. So I’m going to send you an invite and you are going to strengthen that muscle as you do all the ones in your body, and write daily. Did you read what Kim said? Can you take these comments in and really breathe into them and – release and play?

8 01 2013

I will Jenny. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

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