She’s alive. ALIVE!

18 11 2012

Oh, I used to party.

I loved it. Whether it was a bush party out in the middle of butt-fuck-nowhere or a decadent dress-up-in-your-sluttiest-number club party, I was THERE. Dancing, drinking, laughing. Rolling home when it started to get light out. It was a lifestyle that I was born for.

Then I had my babies. And partying seemed a foolish sort of past time. A waste of money. A trivial pursuit of energy. I disdained the parties. I was in bed by 9. My fulfillment came via first teeth and little ones finally peeing on the potty. I had quit that lifestyle.

I gave my 30s to this.

Then an invite to go to Vegas with five amazing women came to me. I had finally gotten back into the work force after many years of being a Stay-At-Home mom and pinching pennies, and generally turning down these opportunities because my kids and family were always first.  But then, I thought to myself Why the hell not? I’m going! I haven’t given myself anything like this since Pearl Jam was relevant and the internet was dial-up.

Oh. My. God.

What a weekend it was. Amazing food. Clubs until the wee hours of the morning. Dancing, drinks, dressing up. High heels and short skirts. Lights and music. Indescribable fun.

Truly, I was finally home.

That party girl I told to go away back around 1999 was asleep for over a decade, but let me tell you what. She is awake and ready to go. She has this ability to wear heels until 4 am. She loves vodka. Her hair is fantastic. And wow, can that bitch DANCE!

I have total respect for her. I like her a lot actually. She’s really fun. I can’t wait to let her out again. Hopefully very very soon. I’ve welcomed her back with open arms.





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19 11 2012
Lana Torwalt

You fricken’ kill me! I would love to party with you someday! I am in the Mom mode, in bed by 9!! It just hurts too much to be hung with little ones. I will work hard on building up a tolerance though!!! I hope you never quit this blog. Love it! ALL of it! oxo

20 11 2012

Haha! Thanks Lana…. I remember those days all too well, they’re not that far behind me. Hang in there, you totally get to a point that you will be able to stay up past 9!!! I’ll party with ya anytime! xo

3 12 2012

What can I say? Awesome. Fabulous writing and so very true! I did the same thing. Kids, crafting, staying home all the time. Now – slowly but surely picking the venues with care and the people I want to hang out with, with even more care. Because you know what? Life is meant to be fun and now and then letting her rip with people you love is gorgeously delicious. Thank you for the reminder.

4 12 2012

Thanks Jenny! You are one fun gal to party with! Can’t wait until next time! xo

17 01 2013

Hey you know what? You are HONEST about this. And you know I can definitely relate. I do have kids and I ADORE mothering them, but I do have another side to me and that’s OKAY. Not every mother is the same or wants the same things or has the same desires and interests. Plus, the kids are getting older, but you are still young and vital! It’s okay to have some fun. I think it adds to a person’s self esteem at home and can make you a more happy and well rounded person. People always think in extremes and go to the worst scenario. So I think it’s great to not do that, to not pigeonhole yourself and have a little fun!

17 01 2013

Thanks Angie. It’s true, your life isn’t wholly defined as a Mother, even though it is such a huge part of who we are… Love ya!

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