16 09 2012

The older I get, the more I embrace a challenge.

Any sort, really. This month my friends and I challenged ourselves to go 30 days with no sugar. Ha! You know what contains sugar, right? Yes. ALCOHOL. (Insert that DUN DUN DUN music here). Sugar in chocolate and other yummies isn’t that hard for me personally to give up, but it was interesting to see how my body wanted that glass of wine at 5 while I was cooking dinner. It made all of us step back and inspect our lives and made us “check in” with patterns that we create and what we feel we should do.

But I digress.

Any kind of challenge is good. A dear friend of mine challenged herself to a Crossfit competition this past week. She overcame anxiety and completed it, already talking about how she’s going to kick serious ass in it next year.

Another group of friends conquered Mt. Loki last week, hiking to 9117 feet and feeling that true warrior spirit as they sat and surveyed the world below them on that peak.

How proud I am of these women.

I’m challenging myself in learning a new job after six years of being a stay at home mom.

It feels GOOD to get out of your comfort zone, creating a buzz of fear that you quietly acknowledge and then shove aside to forge ahead in a new adventure. It can be big. It can be small.

It can mean agreeing to sky dive with your Dad. (Yep.)

So here’s my challenge to you. (I was thinking about this a lot lately, as my daughter and I have had many talks about self-worth lately.)

Name five things that you LOVE about yourself.  And I want to read them. You can PM them, or put them on facebook or add them as comments. But you have to shake off any sort of limits, worries about ego or what others might think about you. Give in to your inner diva, goddess, genius, ass-kicker and acknowledge what you and YOU ALONE have that you cherish about yourself.

Nervous? OK, I’ll start.

1. I love my skills as a writer. It hasn’t gotten me anywhere but here in this little blog, but I will read back sometimes and be amazed at a turn of words that sums something up and I think “Wow! I wrote that!!”

2. I love my ass. I’m pretty dang proud of it.

3. I think I’m hilarious and I love me for it. I laugh every single day. I hope to laugh every single day until I die.

4. I love that I love so well. I’m proud of how I live in gratitude and that I create such wonderful relationships with others that in turn nourish my soul.

5. Even though it gets me in trouble, I love that I am outspoken and am not afraid to say what I feel. I have learned to stay quiet when needed, but when it’s necessary, you’ll know how I feel. I’ve learned to hush my internal critic and realize that it’s truly okay to be who I am.


Whew. Done.

Are you ready? It’s your turn now……





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