It takes a village.

23 07 2012

Raising my children is a constant heart-fulfilling joy, spattered about now and then with bits of despair, frustration, annoyance and self-doubt. So when someone takes the reigns of mothering from my hands for a brief moment to fulfill something that I am not able to give at that time, I hand them over gratefully. I bear no jealousy of someone contributing a vital gift to my children because I truly believe that raising kids takes the whole village.

I gift my kids all of me, all of my beliefs and endeavors in life. But I am not superior, nor do I think that I have the ultimate answers in all of my parenting.

Never in my life has this been more apparent to me than now, with my daughter who is on that deliciously frightening  cusp of womanhood.

She looks up to me, yes. But in equal importance, she looks up to my friends who are the influential women in her life that she sees on a regular basis. She listens and watches, she learns from these other mothers. They guide her in their own way: their ability to be in their own skin, their joyous laughter and utter abandon, their confident sexuality, their sweet devotion in our friendships, their utmost love of their children.

She sees and hears all. And takes it all in, a slow osmosis of knowledge. These are women who are not afraid to be themselves, who are proud to be true to who they are in their hearts. Who can be honest with one another, who can stand up for themselves, who can cry and laugh and nurture and be brave. She watches from the sidelines and involves herself directly with these friends of mine. They, in turn, embrace her and lift her up in ways that I am not meant to do. This is their job. My job is to let them lead her to a better and stronger foundation of Self.

These are the women in my life who are helping me raise my daughter to be the striking force of the woman she is meant to be. Whom she needs to be ~ a confident woman who knows who she truly is, deep and secure.

Amen, Namasté, Thank-You to my sisters, those Other-Mothers for gifting all these treasures to my daughter’s heart and soul.

I can only hope to repay you in the same way.



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27 07 2012

Hi Kris, I tried to leave a comment earlier, but it didn’t work. So am trying again. I loved this article, as you are totally right. It does take an influx of wonderful people to help form and shape our children. I have been blessed with amazing friends both male and female that have huge impacts on my daughter and the 4 boys. They bring to the table something that I don’t have and I soooo appreciate that. Thank you for writing this.

4 08 2012

Aw, thanks Jenny!

30 07 2012
Amanda Magee

Here by way of the comment you left at Barefoot Foodie with the Rumi quote. The perfect thing at just the moment. Wishing you gentle passage as you move from parent of little one to parent of young woman.

4 08 2012

Thanks Amanda! That means a lot to me!

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