Through thick and thin

12 05 2012

Today I, along with my two kids and one of my daughter’s friends, went to town and hit a local board shop called The Ripping Giraffe to get my son a pair of shoes.

He finally chose his pair (my god, that boy is picky) and as we were paying for it, my ears perked up at the music being played. I liked it, it sounded so familiar, I asked the guy if it was Atmosphere. He nodded, his face doing a slightly comical  “surprised/well-played Madam” approving facial expression, perhaps not expecting (decrepit and aged) me to know the band, and then… and then ….get this…..he told my son “You have a pretty hip Mom, you know.” Nick’s face was a sublime blend of horror and astonishment: he stood there, shocked into silence. I called my daughter back to the counter and asked the guy to repeat what he had just said.

Elisabeth pulled no punches. “Uh, yeah NO SHE ISN’T!!”

Her friend just laughed. I sensed a slight amount of pity in her giggles.

So yes, I am a 41 year old Non-Hip Mom y’all.


I remember holding my newly born babies to my heart, savouring every flutter, breath,  sigh, lazy milk-induced grins, clutched fingers, wriggles and tender light-filled moments.

I remember chasing exuberance, displayed full-out in chubby toddler legs, endlessly clamouring for MORE.

Faces peered down at me, those first days of school, faces so tiny and trusting, looking at me through gigantic bus windows, faces so small,  it broke my heart.

Knobby knees and grubby faces morphing along, quietly creating  more adult profiles, caught in unexpected moments. I see the man in him, the woman in her.  I marvel constantly. The pride and love indescribable.

I, once the center of their mini-universes, overseeing every aspect of their lovely little lives, giving everything that I am…


This, my friends, means that I’m a good mom. It means that I am doing my job.

Happiest of Mother’s Day love to all my mothering women, all you non-hip, Meanest-Mom-Ever title holders, recipients of the sarcastic eye-rolls…. all you good mothers in my life. Enjoy your day in every way. ♥