Texting Fail = Epic Laughs

24 04 2012

On Sunday, we all went down to our beloved beach, to bask  in the first truly warm day of the season.

I had on a tank top that has my hubby’s business logo on it, and was teasing Elisabeth that I should pose all sexy and have a picture taken of me. I then went and did some really goofy “sexy” poses, delighting in her utter embarrassment of my antics.

She took my iPhone and took a picture of me, idiotic duckface and all. And then she texted it to my husband with the query “Aren’t I Sexy?”

I thought I heard my notification a few moments later and thought Dan had replied, from out on the point where he and Nick were fishing.

To my horror, I saw that she had texted that picture TO MY DAD.

Seriously, you guys…. we could NOT laugh hard enough.

Sorry, Dad. You don’t have to answer that question of whether I am sexy or not.



2 responses

24 04 2012

So where’s the picture? Come on! Inquiring minds want to know!!!!

25 04 2012

Ha! I deleted it! Actually, it wasn’t that bad, more goofy looking than anything… 🙂

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