Pride, gay and otherwise.

25 01 2012

I’m pretty staunch in a lot of my views. I try to keep an open mind about other people’s opinions while staying true to what I deeply believe in my heart. I’ve learned throughout my life that in many cases, keeping my thoughts to myself far outweigh the stress of being involved in debates about politics and religion.

I try to raise my children to mirror this as best they can.

One thing, however, I will not abide by ever is rampant racism or homophobia. These are two things that appall me beyond measure.

I have consistently taught both my son and my daughter that race, colour of skin, religious belief and sexuality have absolutely nothing to do with how you should treat them. I want and demand that they are open-hearted and kind to everyone, no matter what.

I strongly believe that ANYONE and EVERYONE should be allowed to get married. Girls and Guys, Guys and Guys, Girls and Girls….. Apart from Ye Olde Joke that everyone deserves the equal right and opportunity to be miserable (HA!!) or that old argument that the “sanctity” of marriage is consistently threatened by the eternal sham of marriage amongst the Hollywood elite and so forth (Kim Kardashian, for lack of a better example), the plain reality is that if it doesn’t affect YOU, than why should you make a big issue out of it? If Sally and Lucy are married and they raise their kids in a loving home and their children grow to be successful participants in society, why should there be an argument against that? It just boggles my mind.

Anyway, my lovely daughter, wise beyond her years and truthful to her own curiosity asked me a question the other day. I loved that she felt at ease in coming to me to ask, knowing I would give her a truthful and honest answer.

She wondered if two gay people who adopt a child would “make” that child gay.

What a delight it was to tell her no. That we are who we are the second we are born. We do not choose our preferences for anything, let alone sexuality. What a joy it was to my heart to teach my child what I so deeply believe is the truth.

No, darling, I said. No one makes us who we are. We are who we are, no matter what.

I thought so, she said. And away she went… my open-hearted wonderful daughter, brimming with acceptance and love.

My heart was definitely full that day.



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26 01 2012

Yay! It is a ongoing topic in our house too….. my littlest guy is at the age where he can ONLY imagine being married to another boy (girls = ICK!) and my middle man is so sweet and naturally open minded. He asked last night in the game of life when I landed on the ‘get married spot’ –and only so he would know whether to give me a pink or blue marker to add to my car– “Are you marrying a man or a woman, Mom?” Bless their open hearts;they teach us so much!

26 01 2012

It’s a lovely thing knowing we are changing the world for the better through our kids. 🙂

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