Holy crap! It’s been awhile….

29 12 2011

I spent the majority of December sicker than I’ve been in a long time. My days were filled with coughing up my lungs and quite possibly my spleen, left kidney and ovaries. I left a Kris-sized permanent imprint of my body on my couch. I finally caved after three weeks and went on antibiotics, which to my tremendous relief, alleviated my illness noticeably within two days. This left me free to drink, eat and be Merry, as per the Christmas custom of the masses.

My pants are a tad difficult to button up right now.

I have hardly done anything in the exercise realm. Due to being sick, even being in Downward Dog invoked horrific coughing spasms where I was terribly afraid I would pee on my mat.

Thus, I feel flabby and gross.

New Year’s always brings the resolutions…. of which most fail miserably. Apart from my own failed attempt to quit swearing, I hardly ever make promises to myself that I know I will give up on.

For me though, the dawning of 2012 gives me respite from shortbread and too much wine. I always get excited in January. The days are getting longer, spring is on that far-off horizon, and I feel so much better when I get out and RUN. And I have promised a new dedication to my treasured yoga practice that has slowly slid from me in the last little while.

Also? No sugar, no alcohol, no junk. A 30 day “cleanse” of sorts is my plan.

I’m looking forward to bringing health back into my body and life. This last month has driven me nuckin’ futs. I cannot take laying around and feeling flabby.

I’m eagerly anticipating January 1. A New Year and the old me.