Shiz my kids say.

21 11 2011

Last week, my son slept over at his cousin’s house. That evening they went to the movie with my mom and sister. On the way back, inevitably with the back seat full of kids, a car argument erupted. (Wait…. Imma call it a CARGUMENT. How awesome am I?)

My son has perfected the skill of reiteration, much to the endless annoyance of pretty much everyone in the family. When my nephew was told to smarten up, Nicholas thought it necessary to reiterate the sentiments of the adults with a mocking “Yeah, Nathaniel, stop doing that.”

To which Nathaniel, full of rage, yelled “Shut up you bloody bastard!”

Naturally, both kids got into trouble.

The next morning, Kim overheard Nathaniel apologizing to Nick for calling him a bad word.

“That’s OK, Nathaniel,” Nick replied. “Technically, I AM a bastard!”




(If y’all didn’t know, he was born out of wedlock……)



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