What would you do?

23 09 2011

Every once in a while, I’ll buy a lottery ticket.

I’m not one of those people who spend oodles of cash and multitudes of time on the magic of numbers. I rarely give it a thought, other than if I, perchance, see that 6/49 sign listing the prize at something like $11 million, I’ll succumb to the urge and buy a $5 quick pick. No choosing the numbers myself; I let the computer do the work for me.

And then, my friends, for the next couple days I allow myself the absolutely insane luxury of fantasizing about winning that obnoxious amount of money.

Oh, I know I won’t win…. but. BUT. It’s still fun to fantasize. Much like I know I’ll never actually have a secret hot liaison with Daniel Craig in Paris…. it’s still fun to imagine I just might actually have that chance….

All my friends’ mortgages would be paid off. We’d all jet off to Bali for a week long yoga retreat. Shopping sprees in New York. A horse for my daughter. A trip down the Amazon for my son. Oh my gawd, I would have fun. I’d set up charities, I’d help out the poor and beaten-down. I’d live my life, I’d focus on writing more instead of working and doing laundry. I’d ski every day in the winter. I’d make sure my kids were set up for life.

And I would finally buy myself a pair of black patent peep-toed Christian Louboutin’s. I’d wear those bitches out.

When I find myself fantasizing about winning the money, I often wonder though…. IF I won. IF you won….. What would be your initial reaction? What would mine be? Screaming? Fainting? Standing there stunned with your mouth wide open? Perhaps it might be a good idea to find out at home, because I often wonder if I would shit my pants. And then faint. Not such a pretty picture down at the Superette where I buy my tickets. That would be a big ol’ clean up on aisle 5…..

The day comes when I check those numbers. And even though that weird flickery light of “what-if” hope is there, it’s never a big surprise to find out I didn’t win.

Then I crumple up the ticket, saying goodbye to those wonderful two days of fun, spending all my imaginary millions…. I get back to real life until the urge strikes me again to buy another ticket.



2 responses

24 09 2011
Lana Torwalt

Hahaha!! You can really paint a picture!! I had a great laugh, thank you! It really does make you wonder “what if?”. I buy them about once or twice a year and now whenever I do I will surely think of you 😉 xo

25 09 2011

I actually know a gal who won…. I asked her if she passed out, but she said she was very calm….

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