Only from the heart can you touch the sky. (Rumi)

30 08 2011

Oh, Rumi. How you can transcend time and still make sense after 800+ years. Your words speak inmeasurable volumes of  deep spiritual awareness and simple love.

I wondered what Rumi would say of friendship:

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”

“Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in
another form.”

“You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl
through life?”

This whirling dervish, this Sufi poet, this Persian wordsmith who seemed to hold the hand of The Beloved. This man has touched our souls before we even became into existence. His wisdom forms more concrete sustainability now more than ever.

As a friend, as being a friend, these words resonate even more deeply than I would have ever imagined.

You see, friendship is a funny thing. These people whom we choose to be connected with, whom we are not tied to by formality and fidelity. Rather, these friends have evoked similar conciousness, drive and passions in our own selves. They mirror what we want to be, they draw out our own unique abilities and amazing qualities. We aspire to be more like them as they do with us.

Friends can make us laugh and love more deeply.

Alas, they can also wound us deeper than we could ever imagine. A curt word, an argument, an unspoken vow of devotion can be broken in an instant. How so? How can lifelong friends cease to be over mere words and a differing opinon?

Why do we not vow to our friends what we vow to our spouse? How can we fight with our spouse, hurling hateful words and spitting anger and yet still go to bed sooner or later, wrapped in our lover’s arms? Why should friendship be so different? Sexuality aside, friendship can sometimes be more deeper than marital vows. How can anyone fathom abandoning a life-long friendship because of an argument? It wouldn’t lead to a divorce in a married couple. Why should it lead to a dissolution of a deep relationship between friends?

I have witnessed this a few times. I have gone through it personally once. It is so devastatingly sad to see friends break up. Oh, I wish how my simple words could repair wounded hearts. Mine, others, yours.

Life itself we know is too short to forgo forgiveness. We all speak knowingly of the truth but do we live it? Do we tangibly reach out even though we think the other is at fault? Do we really believe what we preach through clichés and adages? Do we knowingly let go of ego and accept our OWN shortcomings in order to heal a relationship?

I know that sometimes, I do not.

I hope that I will some day. As I hope that we all will be able to do.





2 responses

31 08 2011
Lana Torwalt

Hi there!
I fully agree with you on this! I often wish I was in your lovely group of girlfriends whenever I read your stories about them. oxo

1 09 2011

Hey Lana! Well, if you ever moved here, you’d be one of them in a hearbeat!!

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