Appropriate Mother’s Day Post.

5 05 2011

We’ve all been there: A newly born baby. 3 a.m. feedings. A sore hoo-ha. Breasts that feel like they would burst if pricked by a needle. Day four or five after having a baby. Milk coming in with a torrential punch in the face full of hormones and tears. And many of us have done this with a toddler or two, or had older kids, or maybe was a single parent.

Someone dear to me in my life is going through this right now. She has been gifted two girls to mother and raise. One is almost 4, one is days old.

Her birth story is one that will be told among girlfriends over wine for years to come; it is seriously that good.

It is so foreign to me what she is experiencing, though I walked a similar path nearly ten years ago. But I still remember those blurrish days, trips to the grocery store; two and a half year old in tow, newborn baby either strapped onto my chest or in her car seat right in front of me. I cannot tell you how many times I leaked breastmilk onto my shirt while buying tomatoes or eggs or toilet paper.

Those are trying times, my friends. Difficult, tear-inducing days of nothing but poop and tantrums and laundry and poop. But in a twisted sadistic way, so epically worth it: to describe the mere awesomeness of this time of life is to sound like I just smoked a massive blunt.

Seriously, when you are in the thick of it, it is nothing less than intense. But there are these moments that are in my mind. They sparkle in supended moments in my memories. A sleepy smile from your week old baby girl. A hug from your older child, soft chubby arms clinging to your neck, the love a tangible force. Accepting that your sleep will include having a baby, toddler and husband in bed with you and being okay with it. Believe me, they eventually grow out of this habit. Sweet kisses and walks to the park. Waking at 2 a.m. with a baby stretched out beside your body, no one awake except the two of you. Eyes lock to one another. Fingers gather and twine. Making a quick batch of brownies with your first born while the baby sleeps in the swing; licking the beaters together and sharing milk through a straw. Letting him blow bubbles just for the sheer joy of it.

So, this is my Mother’s Day blessing: For this new mother in my life who is already an old hat at it. Hang tight, breath deep, take lots of pictures and just be in the moment. And sometimes drink a glass of wine. And know that it is all so worth it.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mamas out there. Happy Mother’s Day to Kendall. ♥



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6 05 2011

Oh.My.Word! You… you… you gorgeous lovely cuz of mine!! Now you know that this would make me cry right!! Happy, grateful tears that there are mommies out there who GET IT!!! How true everything you said… It can be so overwhelming at times and daunting, but, BUT so bloody worth it!!!
Thank you for this lovely post and a very Happy Mothers Day to you you amazing friend, cuz, sister, daughter and mother!! I love ya!

20 05 2011

Those days seem so far away, yet somehow so close. I always enjoy looking back at the photos or videos of the wee ones, the oh so tired eyes of the parents… Somehow though, we luckily remember the best of the times. I think one of the funniest for me was coming back from getting groceries with the new baby, and standing in the living room talking to my husband. He was looking at me rather funny and then finally said “Ummm Kim??? Look at your shirt….”and there it was…my boob, hanging out for all the world to see! Amazing that I who was always so private and shy about my body, didn’t even notice it!! Shows the changes our babies allow us to make…and I am ever grateful. Oh ya, by the way, it was a mere 11 years ago that I was about to venture on this very path….Two weeks today until my son tunrs 11!

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