25 09 2010

What is your personal measurement of contentment? What makes you sit back, feel joy bubble up from the depths of your soul, realize that this moment of your life, right now, is painted in the bright splashy colours of true happiness, that right now, you are so very fortunate in the midst of such pure joy and satisfaction in your life? That your existence, although marred, is perfect in every way in this snapshot of time?

I often marvel at these moments of gratitude. They sneak up behind me and tap my shoulder in a quiet and unassuming way. These instances are sometimes brief, but they can linger too. It’s never a flashy and showy moment. It’s never a time that would take someone else’s breath away. Rather, it seems to me that they reveal a shiny bit of your own soul that can reflect back outwards to your loved ones. It spreads that delicious energy of LIFE so that others may catch a bit of sweet bliss, and perhaps savour it in their own way, like a delicious caramel, full of sweet, ooey goodness, melting on the tongue and lingering for a while after it is gone.

It is more refined, more subtle, more personal. It can be that moment you wake and finally see blue sky out your window instead of gray clouds and rain. It might be a smile on your child’s face, that expression that is truly a reflection of all the joy ever known in your own heart. Maybe it is undefinable, a wave of joyous emotion that you cannot even find words to express, only that you allow it to wash over you, baptizing you with simple beautiful peace.

Or it might just be sitting down to a hearty dinner of homemade chicken soup and biscuits, and sharing laughs with your family, all the while your daughter, in her excitement of the upcoming ski season, wears her brand new ski helmet, goggles and ski boots to the dinner table.




4 responses

25 09 2010

As usual you are so right. It is never the big things that bring us pure joy. We are blessed and thanks for reminding me!!

25 09 2010

We ARE blessed…. Love you more than all my shoes!!! xoxoxox

26 09 2010

Beautifully said Kris. It is so easy to lose yourself in chasing after the big things in life, big adventure, making it all too easy to forget that it is the little things that more often than not matter the most us. Those beautiful quiet moments are truly priceless. We need to not let them slip by unnoticed.

29 09 2010

Very true…. It is the simple little things that we will cherish forever…..

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