21 08 2010

So, last night a bunch of us girls went out to enjoy a long, giggle-filled DELICIOUS dinner at fusion in Nelson. Afterward, we headed out to MarketFest, to enjoy the sights, sounds and funky stuff that is this amazing little town we live by….

(I had the most fantastic pasta, btw…. Wild mushrooms, essence of truffle, goat cheese and spinach. It. was. sublime.)

We were crossing the street, the bunch of us. The car approaching us on the left stopped to let us cross, and when we reached the middle of the road, we stopped as the car coming at us on the right was obviously not going to stop.

My sister hollered out “HEY!!!! You’re supposed to stop!!!” (Did I mention there were mocha mojitoes at Fusion???), and this odd little ol’ man’s bewildered face looked at us as he zoomed by, his wispy combover gently blowing in the breeze from his open window.

Just then, the ghost car right behind him flicked on his flashing red and blue police lights, and proceeded to pull the old feller over, amidst our shrieks of laughter at the sweet coincidence of perfect timing.

Others saw, and laughed too.

Karma will getcha…. Sometimes instantly…..