Goodbye July….Hello August….

1 08 2010

The majority of the year, I am either in mourning or anticipation of summer.

But right now, in this very moment, I am in it. I am immersed and surrounded and breathing the very sumptuous delight that is summertime.

That hot, sensual and (almost but not quite) unbearable tightness of the sun on my skin is a very healing balm to my soul. The only way to alleviate the heat is to plunge into the waters of my lake. I try to be in the water every day in these precious days of summer. Whether it is an all-day excursion to the beach or a quick dip in the evening after my kids are in bed, I try to baptize myself in the water as much as I can. No matter if it’s raining or sunny. I will not have that regret in the thick of winter that I didn’t swim enough. Soon enough this summer will be over and I refuse to have any regrets about not being in the moment, enjoying the richness of the heat and sun.

Summertime is sexy. I feel the most alive in the sun. The heat draws an intimate delight from the very core of me, like butter I relax, ooze and bake in the warmth of July and August.

My skin is brown, my hair gets bleached. I am at my fittest, since nothing equals running in the summertime. Yoga on the deck, bike rides along the shore, long swims. Nothing but fresh fruit to eat; peaches and cherries and nectarines, juicy, fresh, fulfilling. Crisp cold ciders to finish off the day, picking fresh tomatoes and beans for supper.

I really hope I don’t die any time soon, as that would really piss me off that I couldn’t enjoy another summer. I need to rock my bikini for a few more years.

So. Right now, at this very moment, I have no grief and mourning in my heart, there is no anticipation vibrating inside my heart. Right now, at this very moment, summer is here. Summer is all around, it is the life force that speaks to me through birds chirping at 4 a.m., it is the thunderstorm that rumbles late at night, it is excess of growth in my garden, the heat and life that thrums around me.

It’s every thing I dream of, the core of satisfaction, the ultimate time to be alive.

It is summertime. It’s everything to me.