Shiz I have seen on the Internet.

27 06 2010

I told you all once about my love affair with my computer and the fascinating world attached to my high speed internet connection.

Once upon a time, I stumbled upon a website that I began to frequent, and I became a regular commenter, and soon found myself enmeshed with a group of people that I did not “know”, but soon came to care deeply about and spent many, many hours with in a sort of private pseudo chat-room/blog. We moved from the site that we had all “met” each other on, and had our very own private place to connect. And, oh man, the FUN we had…. Good times…..

To this day, even though that part of my life is over, I still connect with these folks through facebook and email, having moved from our “Fake Internet Persona” into revealing who and what we were to each other. The true delight was realizing that we actually had real friendships with each other, and truly cared about on another.

Well, anyways, through our time being assholes on the internet, I have witnessed a LOT of stuff. You name it, I think I have seen it.

My time of seeing this sort of shit is pretty much done, I try to keep my computer as free from “pornadoes” as I possibly can, but sometimes curiosity rears its ugly head, much like driving by a horrific accident scene,  you just can’t resist the urge to click and see for yourself…..

2girls1cup (indescribably horrid), TubGirl (What. THE FUCK???), Blue Waffle (Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ), CUPCAKES (Hot) and Lemon Party (Someone pour bleach into my eyes right NOW!!!)  are just a few that I can think of off the top of my head.

It makes me cringe and laugh at the same time to think of the shit (Bwahahahahah!!! LITERALLY!!!!) that I have watched or seen in my online life.

Now, however, I have 2 kids who are more and more online, and I fret and worry that they will see and hear and witness the crazy stuff that I have seen. I wonder how it could affect them, the disillusions it might give them, the fear and horror it could inflict.

There are some sick-ass people out there, yo. Really, really SICK.

Now, you saw those enticing keywords up there. You might be just curious enough to google one or two of the phrases….. You might just want to click on a link…. And hey, if you’re an adult, why then… it’s none of my business whether or not you choose to check it out.

BUT….. Take a moment and heed my advice:




2 responses

27 06 2010

Good advice Kris… as always… you are so right on… John always says…. “you can’t unring the bell”! How true is that! Thanks for another great one from the heart… love ya!

28 06 2010

Thanks Ronda! Love you too!!!

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