Girlfriends rock….

14 06 2010

Who else can you bitch to about your kids or husband? Who else will understand PMS and cramps and not take it personally when you flip the fuck out over stupid things? Who else can you tell intimate details about your sex life without judgment? Who else can understand every nuance of your female being?

Ah. Girlfriends. That’s who.

If you have a vagina, you know what I’m talking about. Girlfriends can commiserate, laugh, understand, celebrate, cry and just be with you.

I am blessed and fortunate to be in a circle of women that does all this and more.

I know who likes it up the butt. I know what everyone’s boobs look like. I know who gets Brazilians. (Hell, I’ve seen the results!) I know who spanked their child and then cried that they were too harsh on their kid. I know who has wondered if they are meant to be married. I know of close calls of infidelity. I know of vows made anew. I know of self-hate that makes me cry. I know of wit, wisdom, sweetness and love. I know every bit of my friend’s lives, their hopes and dreams, their desolation and downfalls, their wry sense of humour, the way they hug you. They, in turn, know me. They laugh at my raunchy jokes and put up with my loud braying laughter. They raise me up in praise and love. We pour drinks, bring yummy food to gatherings, we practice yoga together, call each other to cry or laugh or bitch to, we look out for one anothers children, we act as therapists for one another in our up-and-down marriages, we give shoulders to lean on when life gets you down.

We (sometimes) swim topless together. We marvel and enjoy each others gifts of fashion, or of cooking, singing or playing the guitar. We comfort and calm, we tease each other and prod, we fight with each other and then learn to let it go.

We are women. We are friends. We do not compete, but instead band together to unify what we represent to ourselves, to our families and to the world.

We drink together and get stupid, and make each other laugh so hard that the next day our cheek muscles are stiff and sore from this all-night giggle fest.

We stand witness to each others lives.

And we will be there, too, for every future heartbreak and challenge, every tear and sob and rage from grief and tragedy yet unfolded. We will bring the food, the wine, the beach blanket and the understanding. We will bring solace and dirty jokes. We will bring whatever it takes.

We are girlfriends. We rock.




4 responses

14 06 2010
katya hayes

Yeah! So true, and I count myself lucky to be counted among them! Thank God for ya’ll or I would be one sorry ass woman! xoxox

15 06 2010

No kidding. I am so lucky to have you as one of my besties.

15 06 2010

So true and so well worded. I love it!

15 06 2010

Thank you!

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