P.S. An explanation.

30 05 2010

I think what I wrote yesterday might have pissed a few people off.

I want to clarify something with anyone who felt attacked or judged.

I do believe we all need to do our part to help Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. HOWEVER, I do not believe that anyone needs to alter their lives in a way that would feel foreign or wrong to them. I do not stand in judgment on anyone’s decisions of how they live their own lives. All I wanted was to perhaps make someone think a little bit about their choices, and the long-term effects of these decisions.

That’s all.

The reading I’ve been doing about all of this oil dependency stuff has made me re-think some aspects of my own usage. And far be it from me to not share my way of thinking. I am opinionated. I step on people’s toes. I also am passionate about what I believe in, and sometimes can’t let an opportunity pass if I feel I might want to spread my word.

So, if you felt like I was condemning you because you like to spend spring break in Cuba, PLEASE remember that I, too, covet a sunny vacation in the middle of the glum days of winter. If the opportunity arises for my family and I to get away, hell yeah, we will.

Thanks for reading.




2 responses

31 05 2010

The beauty in all of this is that “the earth doesn’t give a shit”!!! After the human race is all extinct, the earth will rejuvenate and go on!

31 05 2010

You know it…. Maybe our awesome technology will ultimately be our undoing….

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