Found treasure….

14 04 2010

I went on a cleaning rampage the other day… So, into my son’s room I went, ready to face the depths of his semi-hoarding skills and lug bagfuls of stuff out for recycling. Also, he had “lost” his Yoda figure from his latest Star Wars lego set, and I was bound and determined to locate it for him, since that shit is expensive!!!

And there, amidst the drawings of dragons, candy wrappers, lone socks and Nerf gun bullets, I found a little something that made my day.

(If you can’t read it, this is what it says, or just click on the thumbnail, it’ll open up for you!)

To: Mom, date June 1st
Merry Christmas
I love you soooooo much
Here’s some jokes, to keep your
humer up. Your Canadian right,
How do you spell
C Eh? N Eh? D Eh?

A couple of things amused me about this. One, that he had written Merry Christmas, but the date was June 1st…. And the various extra commas randomly thrown in made me giggle, let alone the glaring spelling mistakes.

But really, the whole “I love you soooooo much” got me. I mean, I focus daily on how much I love my kids. They are my life. If you’re a parent, I don’t need to stress how wonderful our children are, how deeply we love them, or that we would die for them.

But what a sweet and lovely treat, to find a random profession of love for me, from this funny and kind little dude who is my son.

PS. I found Yoda. He wasn’t under the bed, or shoved into some corner in his room. He was in one of the pilot seats of the new lego set, of course…. 😉