Politics aside….

24 02 2010

I don’t want this post to incur any arguments for or against the Olympics.

I don’t like over-spending by any government for any reason. I wish the archaic “values” of the IOC could be re-examined and renewed. I think the Games could be put on for much less. I also think that all that aside, the money would never go to what many people wish the money would go to instead, and that is an argument about government, not about the Olympic Games.


I loves me some Olympic Games, boy howdy. Especially the Winter Games. I have watched almost everything that the Vancouver Olympics has offered up, from Jennifer Heile winning silver,  being swept up in our first home-won gold medal by Alex Bilodeau, to seeing the police try to stop the boozing fans run amok in downtown Vancouver, to feeling absolutely heartbroken for Joannie Rouchette and, in the same breath, deeply inspired by her bravery. It has evoked in me, and millions of other Canadians an outstanding and fervent patriotism that we have not seen before. The inspiration that it offers me and so many others is unmeasurable.

I honestly don’t think that VANOC quite knew that Canadians would become this crazy with their love of this country.

I’ve heard the snickering and admonishment of other nations of our “Own The Podium” campaign. That we aren’t acting like Canadians.

Wait, what? Are they saying we shouldn’t love our country as much as other nations love their own? That we should still be complacent and apologetic towards people that we win against? PLEASE. It’s about time we stepped up to the plate and said to the world that YES, we love our country, just as much as you love yours.

And, yes, we love kicking some ass too.



11 responses

24 02 2010

LOVE IT!! Canadians rock and it is about time we yelled it from the top of Whistler and every other mountain!!

24 02 2010

Let’s yell it from the top of Jackpot on Tuesday!!!! WHOO-HOOOO!!!!

24 02 2010
Kathleen Laybourne

that is exactly my opinion on the games. I am not against the Olympics, but I am not happy with the direction they are taking. Loved your blog and totally agree….. We kick ass!!!!!

25 02 2010

You bet!!

24 02 2010

And Little Mucker too!!!

25 02 2010

Hell yeah!

25 02 2010

Beautifully written,,,

25 02 2010

Thanks Vicki….

2 03 2010

I am DAMN proud to be a Canadian! hee hee That aside. I too loved just about every minute of the Olympics. My ass groove is starting to dissapate out of my chair. LOL

3 03 2010

And kick it you did. Congrats, lady!

3 03 2010

Thanks darlin’!

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