The Shiz My Kids Say….

28 01 2010

The love of the original trilogy of Star Wars has descended upon both my kids, primarily my son.

So, we finally got to rent Return Of The Jedi last weekend, and had a fantastic time watching it.

At the end of the movie, everyone is celebrating the destruction of the Empire and the deaths of the Emporer and Darth Vader (whoops, SPOILER ALERT!!!!) and the scene comes on where the Ewoks and everyone else are partying it up on the forest moon of Endor. (Yeah, I AM a geek!!!)

So there’s all the characters dancing away and my daughter looks over at me and deadpans:

“Look Mom, C-3P0 is doing The Robot….”

I tell yah, I could NOT laugh hard enough……



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28 01 2010

Okay, that was pretty damn funny. Reminds me of the Lord of the Rings fiasco with my kids.

I read a great science fiction book about these elite soldiers in the far future who were watching the Star Wars trilogy for some reason or other. There was a good line in there that went something like: “All the soldiers agreed on two things: they all wanted a light saber, and they all thoughts the Ewoks should die.”

28 01 2010

No! Not the fuzzy Ewoks!!! But hells yes to the light sabre… I could use that shit in my kitchen.

28 01 2010

The kid is hillarious!

29 01 2010

Yep… every day she cracks me up!!

2 02 2010

Spoiler alert…ha! Cracks me up…is there anybody not under 7 that hasn’t seen the Star Wars trilogy by now?

2 02 2010

Very few, that’s for sure…. Those movies are classic and should be mandatory!

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