A Warm and Fuzzy Story for you all.

18 12 2009

Tuesday morning, I was in the midst of making gingerbread men (and women… Equal opportunity baker right here…) when I got a phone call.

It was a fellow that lives up and around the corner from my place.

Turns out this guy likes to collect all the stray cats in our neighborhood. And for the last 8 months, he has had a female tortoiseshell cat living in his shed. I guess he assumed that she didn’t belong to anyone, and was content to let her live there until his other cat decided she hated this new cat’s guts and they would fight constantly. So, he called in to the SPCA and got them to track the tattoo in her ear. They gave him our number.

This cat was my daughter’s kitty, which she got for her 6th birthday… Named Bamboo by the SPCA, we kept her name and brought her home to live with us. My daughter adored this cat. In April of this year, she went missing. After looking high and low for her, we came to the sad conclusion that she had probably died… There are many coyotes here, which, sadly, many cats have succumbed to….

(Humble confession: I wasn’t that sad…. I was, quite frankly, tired of cat turds in my garden and dead birdies on my porch…)

Months went by, and Elisabeth grieved for her baby and was recently starting to speak of her cat in affectionate terms, remembering her antics and sweetness in a healed sort of way.

But lo and behold, we were the subjects of a mini-miracle of sorts.

The neighbor brought Bamboo back to my place and she was instantly at home.

When the kids got home from school that afternoon, I made them sit on the couch and close their eyes. I had Bamboo in my arms when I told them to open their eyes to see the surprise.

Their reactions? Still making me cry…. They both shrieked and jumped up, hysterical, much to the cat’s dismay… And then, my daughter picked her kitty up, hugged her close and in a tear-filled voice said “Oh, Bamboo… I love you so much…” Her smile lit up her face as she snuggled that cat.

That right there? Well, that made me the happiest Mommy in the world.




14 responses

18 12 2009

So sweet. It’s like a Christmas miracle!

18 12 2009

It is!!! Makes me feel all warm and squishy inside!

18 12 2009

What a wonderful story Kris…. I’m so happy for you all, but especially Lily….!

18 12 2009

Me too!!!

18 12 2009

Bamboo done come home! I’m so happy for Lily to hear she’s back. Being cat people myself, I understand the love us cat lovahs have for these pain in the ass beasts. Enjoy Bamboo Lily!

18 12 2009

Thanks Cam!

23 12 2009

OMG…….. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! I am still waiting for my Casius to come home as well. He disappeared on Great Grandpa Laybournes birthday, June 20. I still go out into the back where we think he was grabbed by a coyote and call for him. I even, just last month, put another ad out in cyberspace. You hear so many stories like yours, that I just can’t give up hope yet. Thanx for sharing Kris…. I am so happy for the kids!

23 12 2009

Oh I hope your kitty comes home!!!

It was completely unexpected and such a warm and miraculous feeling to have Lily’s kitty returned to us….


26 12 2009

I do sometimes think that cats do have 9 lives. Your kids are so cute. And hey what are a few turds when it comes to your kids happiness!

28 12 2009

Very true Raven!!!

27 12 2009

how bittersweet. 🙂 i was ‘not that sad’ when one of our cats ran away for almost three months. he miraculously came home. while i cursed at him, the joy for your kids (and mine that day) really IS priceless. congratulations?

28 12 2009

LMAO… I love your question mark after congratulations….

30 12 2009

Okay, that story brought a tear to my eye, even though I really don’t like cats very much. I think I’m all emotional because my daughter and I just got back from Disney’s Princess and the Frog and it was a bit of a happy tear jerker.

31 12 2009

You big softie!

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