Things I Need To Be Idiot Proof….

30 11 2009

I dumped the contents of my purse all over the counter the other day, to clean out the random crap that accumulates in it. Amongst said crap was my favorite purse item in the whole world.

Listerine Pocket Mist, in orange flavour.

Oh yeeeeaaaahhhh. I love how that nasty shit zings on my tongue and makes my nostrils tingly. It’s my secret addiction. It’s my fresh-breath crack if you will.

My daughter watched me take a hit of it and asked if she could have some too. I warned her it was pretty strong stuff, apt to make her mouth burn a little. But hey, I love to watch my kids torture themselves every once in a while, so I passed it to her, warning her explicitly to NOT SPRAY IT IN YOUR EYES…. BECAUSE THAT STUFF WILL REALLY STING.

She aimed it for her mouth and nothing happened. She tried a few times, pushing the button to no avail.

I wondered aloud if it was all gone, so I took it and shook it and then, staring directly at the nozzle, sprayed it right in my eyes.

Yep. That stuff really does sting the eyes.



8 responses

30 11 2009
Rosanna maced yourself! Sounds like something I would do!

30 11 2009

I think we’re klutz-twins….

30 11 2009

I’m there with you – I’m always telling my son to be careful not to cut himself and I ended up with stitches not too long ago. Clearly, we must be Klutz-triplets

30 11 2009

I’ll bet there’s more of us out there….

30 11 2009

I love it!!! You made my Monday morning! What I want to know is what Elisabeth did??? Knowing that she is alot like you I am thinking she peed her pants laughing!!

30 11 2009

We all peed our pants laughing, me with my face in the sink trying to wash my eyeballs out… It was classic Krisitis, right there….

4 12 2009

Ooooo. I’m so going to try that stuff out!


4 12 2009

Maybe keep your eyes closed the first time.. (TWSS)

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