Weird Things I Think About While Doing Yoga.

11 11 2009

So, last night, I managed to squeeze in a quick half hour practice. I have been home with a sick little girl the past 3 days, and haven’t been able to run or do much of anything really. Feeling stagnant and flabby, I took to  my mat and did a strong heated practice chock-full of 2 minute downward dogs and loads of sun salutations.

In the midst of blissing out in downward dog, my mind wandered. I had put my iPod on shuffle and an oldie but a goodie tune came on and took me back. Waaaay back. Twas Duran Duran’s Save a Prayer (Techno Re-Mix. Don’t judge me.)

Oh, how I loved Duran Duran when I was 14. About 60+ posters with their eyelined faces clogged my walls. (In retrospect, I do believe they were the first Emo band, but more about the blush and eyeshadow and less about the angst.)

I was a nerdy kid. Big glasses, braces, very few friends. So I devoted my energy to music. Mostly the aforementioned “band”, but with a dash of U2 (when they were actually good… ZING!), some Cure, a little bit of Madonna (ugh…) and a smattering of other pop sensations from the mid 80’s. I loooooved my music. My old gray ghetto blaster (snort) would blast out Duran Duran every day while I lounged on my bed pretending to study. Meanwhile, fantasies of me becoming Mrs. Nick Rhodes (gak!)whirled around my (obviously crazy) teenaged mind. How I mourned when he got married, yet I stayed true to my love, and had his wedding picture on my wall too.

As I morphed from that dorky 14/15 year old into a more darker 16/17 year old, my music tastes changed in a drastic way, and I discovered the power and rawness of heavy metal. Now, yes, Hair Bands played a huge part of my repertoire, but I also deeply enjoyed Metallica, AC/DC, and of course, my favorite of the late 80’s, Guns N’ Roses. To this day, I play them a lot on my iPod. It’s fun shit to run to, that’s for sure.

I recall that old “me” with tenderness and an affinity of tolerance, I suppose. She was a weird kid, but a sweet one too. Her sense of humour is still within me, her love of music too. But thankfully, those glasses are long gone…..


Me, and the extra-large glasses, 1985

Of course, I need to prove it about the Duran Duran posters…. The only pic I could find is one of my dearest life-long friends. I love yah L!!!!!


There you have it. Proof that yes, indeed, I was a dork of epic proportions.



8 responses

11 11 2009

I am so proud to be your friend. I love you.

What a wonderful post…brought back the memories of days gone that’s for sure.


11 11 2009

Love you too… Those were the days, hey? I have more pics… Stay tuned. 🙂

12 11 2009

It’s a good thing you have the picture proof that it was your memory, ’cause I could swear you were in my head again. Our lives are so parallel in so many ways!

12 11 2009

Hahaa!!! You loved Duran Duran too? That. Is. Awesome.

12 11 2009

OMFG!!!!! TSFSRT! I had the same kind of glasses, but mine weren’t sweetly tinted like yours! Same style earrings too, made from the finest of plastic! What were the 80s thinking lol…..

I was obsessed with music too. I don’t think I would be alive if it weren’t for music during those tough, self loathing, “I hate my life”, teen years. I totally relate.

12 11 2009

Every one has to go through that on some level I think…. Unfortunately for me, going through that was in the 80’s….

I still giggle every time I look at that picture….

And YES… That IS SFSRT!!!!!

25 11 2009

Kris, I think I recognize more than half of those posters as ones that we on my walls! I loved Duran Duran, and even payed actual money a few years ago to see them play at gm place!!
I love your blogs, and your reflections. I wasa bit of a geek… ok, alot of a geek, just no glasses, and am often embarassed for that girl I was, but you give me pause. and I know that if I wasnt that person then, I wouldnt be this person now, and she is pretty great! she also has some pretty great friends.

26 11 2009

Accepting everything about ourselves is a huge step!!!

And I still love Duran Duran…. 🙂

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