Weird Things I Think About While Doing Yoga.

11 11 2009

So, last night, I managed to squeeze in a quick half hour practice. I have been home with a sick little girl the past 3 days, and haven’t been able to run or do much of anything really. Feeling stagnant and flabby, I took to¬† my mat and did a strong heated practice chock-full of 2 minute downward dogs and loads of sun salutations.

In the midst of blissing out in downward dog, my mind wandered. I had put my iPod on shuffle and an oldie but a goodie tune came on and took me back. Waaaay back. Twas Duran Duran’s Save a Prayer (Techno Re-Mix. Don’t judge me.)

Oh, how I loved Duran Duran when I was 14. About 60+ posters with their eyelined faces clogged my walls. (In retrospect, I do believe they were the first Emo band, but more about the blush and eyeshadow and less about the angst.)

I was a nerdy kid. Big glasses, braces, very few friends. So I devoted my energy to music. Mostly the aforementioned “band”, but with a dash of U2 (when they were actually good… ZING!), some Cure, a little bit of Madonna (ugh…) and a smattering of other pop sensations from the mid 80’s. I loooooved my music. My old gray ghetto blaster (snort) would blast out Duran Duran every day while I lounged on my bed pretending to study. Meanwhile, fantasies of me becoming Mrs. Nick Rhodes (gak!)whirled around my (obviously crazy) teenaged mind. How I mourned when he got married, yet I stayed true to my love, and had his wedding picture on my wall too.

As I morphed from that dorky 14/15 year old into a more darker 16/17 year old, my music tastes changed in a drastic way, and I discovered the power and rawness of heavy metal. Now, yes, Hair Bands played a huge part of my repertoire, but I also deeply enjoyed Metallica, AC/DC, and of course, my favorite of the late 80’s, Guns N’ Roses. To this day, I play them a lot on my iPod. It’s fun shit to run to, that’s for sure.

I recall that old “me” with tenderness and an affinity of tolerance, I suppose. She was a weird kid, but a sweet one too. Her sense of humour is still within me, her love of music too. But thankfully, those glasses are long gone…..


Me, and the extra-large glasses, 1985

Of course, I need to prove it about the Duran Duran posters…. The only pic I could find is one of my dearest life-long friends. I love yah L!!!!!


There you have it. Proof that yes, indeed, I was a dork of epic proportions.