The Shiz My Kids Say

19 08 2009

My son (age 10) was over at my sister’s house last week. She overheard a conversation between him and his cousin (age 9) about “Hotties”.

She looked at Nick and asked “Well, do you know what a hottie is?”

“Yeah,” he said, pointing a finger at her… “It’s the opposite of YOU.”



Upon receiving his final report card for the year in June, my nephew exuberantly ran to his dad to tell him all about it. With pride and a huge smile he announced “Daddy!!!! It says I EXPELLED in science!!!!”


We were discussing my tattoo I have on my… well… my “Tramp Stamp” area. I called it my lower back. My son, epic smart-ass that he is, called it my “Upper Butt Tattoo”. Gawd love him….



5 responses

20 08 2009

LOL picturing a kid saying “upper butt” just made my day. Love it.

20 08 2009

Well, to be fair, he expelled in SCIENCE…

Not grammar. 😉

21 08 2009

So funny! I tried another today, but I’m not sure others will find it as funny as it was in the moment. Oh well. Have a great weekend!

21 08 2009
Jill Pilgrim

“It says I EXPELLED in science!!!!”


24 08 2009

We’ve dubbed him the “King of One-Liners” for obvious reasons…..

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