Crop Dusting.

10 08 2009

This past weekend, my sister, my cousin and I left all of our kids behind with their daddies and went on a road trip to Vancouver. Primarily for my cousin’s wedding, it rapidly became known as the Hussies on Vino Laugh Extravaganza. Girls are SO much fun to go out with, to shop with, to drink $15 dollar a glass wine with (more about that later….) and to talk about damn near everything one could possibly entertain discussion-worthy. For reals, yo. GIRLS RULE!!!!!

We were at the reception on Saturday evening, seated at this amazing country club. My Gawd, it was a lovely wedding. The bride was elegant and absolutely stunning, and my cousin, the groom made all of us cry with his devotion and love for her, and his sweet and tender reaction to seeing his bride walk down the aisle. We were lucky to be seated to three girl cousins of the brides, whom were from Wales. We hit it off, laughing and drinking and having a great old time.

The place started to fill up. People were filing in, finding their seating arrangements. At one point, an elderly man walked behind us, on his way to his seat. About three seconds after he walked away, I could smell something. Now, I had, by then, imbibed two glasses of champagne and was on glass of white wine number 2, so let’s just say my social propriety was a bit fuzzy, and I turned to my sister and cousin and asked “Did that old guy just fart and walk away?”

Oh, yes. HE DID. Our eyes began to water, not only from the stench, but from the laughter we were trying, and failing miserably at holding in. Now, look. No one wants to talk about farts at such a lovely and fancy wedding, but I guess he adhered to the old adage “Better out than in…” Still trying to not guffaw too loudly, we held our pashminas to our noses, when another little old lady, trying to walk behind her chair, gently asked my cousin “Could you just breathe in a bit dear?” to which she replied “I don’t WANT to!!!!”

Well, that was it. The giggles hit us hard. The welsh cousins looked at all three of us with confusion and a touch of disdain. After another minute, the air cleared and things calmed down a bit… But it was one of those circumstances that led to the chronic giggles, pretty much all evening.

It was a fantastic weekend, though. I love getting away, especially with girls. It fills my soul up, to be surrounded by women and all the wonders good friends provide.

Witches of Eastwick road trip 022(Left to right, my sister, my cousin and I)

Oh, and that glass of wine? We first pulled in to Park Royal shopping centre, and decided to have a quick one before tackling the stores on Friday night. I had a glass of a basic Inniskillin Pinot Grigio, which I buy for about $12 back home. When we were charged $14.95 per glass, I nearly shit my pants. WTF? That’s just rude, don’t yah think?



6 responses

10 08 2009

hahahahaha… crop dusting… hahaha…
Man that was a fun-tastic weekend! Thanks for all the laughs and memerories!! When can we go again?!♥☺

11 08 2009

Man, it WAS fun…. Love to go anytime!!!!

11 08 2009

I was SO hoping that’s what “Crop Dusting” was referring to. Hilarious!!! 🙂

11 08 2009

I knew you would get that!!!!

12 08 2009
Jill Pilgrim

Oh my God, awful yet hilarious! Just how I like it! Also? This will mean nothing to you, but you look *exactly* like my friend Tara. Who is gorgeous. So, you know, compliment.

12 08 2009

Aw, thank you!!!!! ♥

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