Summer, how I love thee…

17 07 2009

Shall I count the ways?

I love the way the hot sun feels on my skin.

I love how it feels to peel a wet bathing suit off and put on dry clothes after a day on the beach.

I love how the lake smells on a hot July day, swimming out in my beloved Queen’s Bay. It’s a delightful cocktail of warm air, clean fish and that indescribable scent of sun-warmed water… I cannot tell you how much joy I feel when I swim way out, by myself and breathe it in.

I love sitting on the beach with my friends and laughing our asses off.

I love sneaking out at dusk, riding my bike down to the beach and skinny-dipping all by myself.

I love waking at 4 AM and hearing the birds chirping away.

I love sitting on my deck in the morning and sipping my coffee while the sun warms my skin.

I love that first plunge into the icy goodness that is Kootenay Lake, where it takes my breath away in a summer baptismal rite.

I love letting the wee minnows nibble on my toes.

I love watching my kids love summertime.

I love rolling my yoga mat onto the deck and practicing while the evening air kisses my skin.

I love picking treasures from my garden to enjoy for supper.

I love getting a tan, and marveling how white my ass can look.

I love running in the morning of a hot day, rewarding myself with a dip in the lake at the end.

I could go on and on…. My soul would wither away entirely if I could not enjoy my summer. The fulfillment I receive from these summer months makes winter only a time for anticipation.

I love summer, pure and simple.



8 responses

18 07 2009

I love summer too… however, you made me love it a lil’ more (I didn’t think that was at all possible!)

21 07 2009

Interesting: Two visitors have travelled from your summer essay to my site in the last few days.

21 07 2009

Hope that’s ok that I linked your amazing site!!!!

21 07 2009

Of course it is. Mind you, my website’s take on our Elysium is thoroughly idiosyncratic.

25 07 2009

Me too! God, how I wish the beach wasn’t three hours away…

25 07 2009

I am a very lucky girl!!!!

19 08 2009
Organic Meatbag

I love wearing a thong into my neighbors’ pool just so everybody gets to see my milky white, mashed potato ass…

19 08 2009

Somehow, I don’t feel like eating my ‘taters tonight…..

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