Oh, the things kids do.

6 07 2009

A couple years ago, we were all saddened to discover the passing of Koi-Boi, our lovely koi in my pond. He floated there, belly up, amongst the lily pads, and with much sadness and tenderness, the kids and I gently removed him from the water to give him a proper burial.

The kids were sad, these two tender-hearted naturalists. Lily even had tears in her eyes, and Nick, well, he grimly took it like a man. I comforted them as much as I could reason, since you know, it was a fucking fish after all. I did the best I could without laughing at their reaction. Death after all, is a nasty life lesson learned by all.

He laid there on the rock for a few minutes while I ran into the house to get the tools required for digging an impromptu grave.

As I came out onto the deck I was witness to a scene that, well, some may consider odd, or sick, or even disgusting. Me? I thought it was hilarious!

There, on the rocks, my two kids were checking the carcass out. Even though, moments before, sadness and grief were in their hearts, now it was all about the grossness of the corpse. They poked and prodded it a few times. Then, Nick must have said something to Lily, which pissed her off. Her reaction? She picked up that fish, the size of a small trout I might add, and smacked her brother upside the head with it.

It made a wet SPLAT sound that made me laugh out loud.

So much for the grief over Koi-Boi.

Moral of the story? Fish make AWESOME garden fertilizer.



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