Well, it finally happened.

2 07 2009

I looked pretty good today when I was heading into town. I had on a blue tank top and a sassy white skirt with black flowers on it, a swirly layered number that makes me giddy with joy. (Jesus, I am such a chick sometimes….) Off to town I was, no kids, just me and my list of approximately 42378463785 things to do.

I was hungry though.

So I stopped in at the local bakery for one of their YUMMY Thai wraps. It was really busy down there, the ferry traffic is at it’s height right now. I got out of my car, sauntered over to bakery to wait in line, and lo and behold to my horror, but not only horror, to my self-deprecating amusement too, I saw my rear end reflection in the window.

Yeah. My skirt was all tucked up in my undies.

I did it. I finally did it. I flashed my behind to everyone there.

All I can say is, thank God I wasn’t wearing granny panties.



5 responses

3 07 2009

Which is a much better reaction than “thank God I was wearing panties.” 🙂

4 07 2009

Oh that is so funny Kris… you had John and I rolling on the floor laughing… you tell the best stories… John said you ought to write a column in the Nelson news… the people would love you … What talent you have!!!!

6 07 2009
Lori Shumey

THAT IS SOOO FUNNY KRIS…I can just see you sauntering and swinging your thing….
Reminds me when grandma was going to work in Trail for Noni and Sandy. She had the feeling that something wasn’t right and that someone was following her. She looked back and down and there was her pantyhose from the day before, coming out of one the pant legs.
She said she had taken her slacks and pantyhose off all at the same time and the next morning put on new hose and yesterdays slacks…..

17 07 2009

Your post is so in the same vein as mine from today… Why oh why must we flash people in public??

17 07 2009

Well, I think it’s cos I’m a natural born slutastic egomaniac. What’s your excuse???? 🙂

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