The 21st is already being planned….

23 06 2009

“How was the reunion?” I’ve been asked quite a few times in the last two days.

There’s only been one word that I can use to sum it all up.


Oh, man. It was a really really good time. The best part, which was not even remotely surprising, was how easy it was for all of us to be together. I never once felt awkward. Never once did I feel pressed to search for a conversation topic… It was like.. like nothing had changed for any of us, yet everything has changed, but it didn’t matter. We fell back into our friendships as easy as sliding on an old pair of jeans.

I’m not sure if it’s like this for everyone. Maybe because we were a small group back then, and we knew everyone so well. Perhaps if a grad class has 350 kids, their 20 year reunion is more along the lines of “Who are you????” instead of “Hey!!!!!!!! Let’s drink our faces off like old times!!!!” I would hope that it could be as fun and as amazing as my reunion was, but seriously, I think we set that bar up really high.

Instantly we regressed to 17 and ripped it up in a way that I hadn’t done in years. Rolling in at 3 in the morning isn’t something that any of us do too much of these days. But, let me tell you…. It was worth it. The oogy hangover the next day? WORTH IT!!!! Still feeling tired three days later? WORTH IT!!!!

Seeing all my old high school friends and reconnecting with the people who helped define me? So fucking worth it.

As we all said our (regretful) goodbyes on Sunday, jokes and hesitant plans were made about a 21st reunion next year. Maybe a get together at the campground, sitting around the fire for a couple days and hanging out…. Some might think it’s stupid…. But, why the hell not? We all know life is too short. Let’s go for it. I think it would be a blast.

I wish I could live this past weekend over again… So maybe next year, if we do try to get together again, knowing this will ease the twinge of sadness I have that my 20th has come and gone.

I love you guys!!!! GRAD 89!!!! Whooooo-Hoooooo!!!!!!




3 responses

23 06 2009

I hear ya. I actually shed tears on the way home from my 20th last year. And I agree about the small class thing. Old friends are the best friends!

23 06 2009

Well I wasn’t crying, lol, (BABY!;-) But our 20th was great that way as well, loved it! And I totally agree with how at ease I/we was/were just hangin’ with everybody. I completely believe that it is because of where we were raised and with whom we were raised. We’re just good peoples. And very lucky to have had the upbringing we had.

24 06 2009

Oh my gosh Kris… you had me in tears reading this…. what a wonderful experience for you and your classmates… I only attended my 10th and so wished I had of made my 30th… never happened… but what fun would that have been???

Love your stories… love you…

Love Auntie Ronda

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