23 02 2009

So, the other night,  I could hear Nicholas and Elisabeth chatting with each other as they lay in their beds. It was Friday night, they had stayed up late, and were in the midst of a conversation. I could NOT resist creeping to the door and listening in on what they were talking about. I did this, not to spy of course, but to revel and enjoy their friendship from afar, since what they have together stands alone from me and my own relationships with them.  You see, they have shared a bedroom for nine years now, and in about a month, we’ll be moving back into our newly renovated home, where they will each have their very own bedroom. These nights of sharing, talking, and confiding with each other are quickly coming to a close.

I heard Nicholas telling a story to his sister. I’ll try, to the best of my recollection, to reconstruct what he said.

“This one time, Lil, I woke up real early. And when I went into the living room, Dad had left a bag of chips and a can of pop on the table.  So I ate all the chips AND drank the pop. Then I played on the computer for two hours. It was the best morning of my life.”

It was all I had to not laugh out loud and betray my snooping. It also impressed the hell out of Elisabeth. Imagine, a whole bag of potato chips AND a pop at your disposal, no bothersome parents telling you not to eat it???? And then, since your mom and dad are sleeping in, unlimited access to the computer??? When you’re 9 years old??? No doubt, the best morning of his life…

No doubt for me, it is the sweetest thing to hear my children confiding to and with eachother. These two, I hope and pray, will always have each other. Fights and disagreements aside, my son and daughter are tight. They get along really well. It thrills me, it astonishes me, it makes me cry to think of their lifelong bond that they share. For the simple fact that I am blessed to have my sibling as my best friend, I can only wish for my children to have the same blessing in their lives.