And now, a poem by Elisabeth…..

27 01 2009

“How The Snow Shines”

How the snow shines gleaming in the sun.

I walk home from school hearing sounds like these:

crunch crunch crunch.

Coming home, hearing Tutter running to us

very excited to see us.

Happy, very happy.

We see Mom making us a snack.

We go outside and play, very fun,

but most of all,

I love how the snow shines in the sun.

~ Elisabeth, age 7



5 responses

27 01 2009
kendall pols

wow… Lilly… great poem sweetie!! I really enjoyed it!

28 01 2009

Great poem Lilly… it makes me feel good about all this snow we have when I read it…. good job! Keep it up and maybe someday you’ll be a songwriter like Jessica…. she use to love writing poems to.

28 01 2009

Lily is so lucky “We see Mom making us a snack…” I WILL come visit you one day if not for the baking alone!!! LOL!

Good job Lily!

29 01 2009

Ok, Lily just got me back into loving this beautiful winter we are in. I always enjoyed getting all my beloved scarves and mittens out, putting them on and walking out into that winter wonderland just after the snow had come down all night.It’s so nice to see how kids just love the moment.

31 01 2009

An awesome poem Elisabeth…. You paint with your words…. A poet for sure. Welcome to our world of the love of artistry. You will definitely grow to love more of what you do. Keep going with this…. VERY BEAUTIFUL. You never know, it could be a song also.

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