For the love of my friends.

24 01 2009

As January winds down, and we head into that no-man’s land of almost spring, not yet done with winter, I start fantasizing about the warm days to be, dancing on the horizon….

I have a very distinct memory floating around my mind these days. It is of a hot July afternoon last summer, one of the first truly bothersomely hot summer days, when seeking relief and respite from the sun is on the agenda. In my world, this respite is Queen’s Bay. That lovely, rocky, sunbaked oasis that I am blessed to have shared with my friends for so many years now.

My memory is this: Dan, and I and the kids, along with Tutter, head down to QB beach for an afternoon dip. It’s a very hot day is all I can remember, I don’t quite recall what we were doing before our trip to the beach…. I love that sort of heat. With all that delicious warmth from the sun heating up our bodies,  we are stepping over all that driftwood left behind along the high water mark, then settling the blankets and towels down along whatever sandy part we can find, and then at some point, entering the water. Oh….  That lake of ours, The Bay, that welcoming baptismal entry to summertime. Yes. It is cold, those first couple dips…. But that water, clear and pure, it embraces me, and I dive in, hearing that empty echo under water, and surface heading towards the dock…

All drippy and happy, wiping mascara away from under my eyes, I flop down beside one of my lovely friends, Katya. We sit, side by side, friends in the sun, all wet and laughing and happy. I look at her, and we smile at each other and she says “Well, here we are!” and we laugh and I say “Here we are!”, and we sit in the sun on the dock, kicking our feet in the water.

And that says it all. That wonderful welcome to summer and knowing all the good times that lie ahead with all my amazing friends, stretching out in front of us, each day a tantalizing pearl of fun, joy and celebration…. all of us and the sunshine too.

Summertime in The Bay is where I forged my friendships with some amazing women. Summertime in The Bay is where I was blessed to become part of a circle of friends beyond comparison.  I sure do love my lake. I sure do love summer. And I sure do love my friends.




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26 01 2009

The shimmering world of summer you painted has made my whole day! God, those memories. That is what our life here on the lake is like. I am so glad to have moved to this area. I had just ran into some friends from the Slocan Valley and we were remembering times together out there also. But one thing has always stood out about the bay area here. Community. It just doesn’t exist like it does here. The friendships I have made here are like the ones you always wished you had with friends from childhood. The exceptance of just how you are. I love all of you ladies not only for who each of you are but how you all let me be who I am. At the end of a tiring summer day it is so nice to know it was spent in the company of good friends.

26 01 2009

You said it Raven, how we all let each other be who we are…. Truly, a wonderful group of women!!!!!

26 01 2009

Oh! I remember that day!! I only wish we had 10 months of summer and two of winter, not the other way around!! Ok, Ok, maybe it’s not quite that bad, but it sure feels cold today….I think I need to buy a new suit for this summer actually, boobs never did fully recover from the last bout of breastfeeding! Well, till then I will dream of summer heat and imagine my skin golden brown instead of anemic and white….

28 01 2009

…Ok I’m coming to visit for the baking AND the lake!

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