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17 01 2009

I’ve blogged before, with a group of folk, who I met in the blogosphere…. My blogging life was based on a “fake” identity, carefully constructed to maintain an anonymous, and extremely sarcastic and assholish identity….. We had a fantastic run, these people and I… Over three years of horsing around on the internet, becoming friends, bonding and sharing our lives and then eventually crackling around the edges, falling away bit by bit, until only a few were left, desperately hanging onto the remnants of who and what we were together….. We has such a good run, the lot of us. I loved my “fake” friends, and, yes, perhaps people who have never been involved in online relationships would call it weird and strange and not right. I disagree. I have honestly never laughed more in my life then when I was online with these freaks. We shared, we supported, we laughed, and yes, unbelievably, we truly cared for each other.

That sharing, that support is what I miss the most… We still try to keep in touch through various mediums… facebook, email and so forth… But it’s just not the same….. Due to certain circumstances, these people are now unable to be online anymore. I have mourned this passing of this phase in my life, and it makes me seek more of the same.

This time, though, with truth, honesty and real people that I know in my life…

This is my blog. This is my life. And thank you for coming to read!!!!!


My first entry, besides the blathering above will be about my son, Nicholas. You see, he is turning 10 this Sunday. Apart from his own celebrations, I will also be celebrating my own decade of motherhood. I’ve already begun my own quiet personal celebration, to revel and become misty-eyed in this amazing journey of motherhood. He came into my life at 8:16 PM, on a snowy Monday night, in 1999. He was a textbook birth, 12 hours of labour, 20 minutes of pushing, but OH!!!!! A universe of love. When he came out of my body, I reached my hand to his face that I had memorized every single detail of in a single heartbeat. I said to him, “Hi Nick!” and was in love, purely, simply and utterly. This being, this child, this boy. This artist, this humourous scientist, this enviromentally aware philanthropist. This empathetic soul, this kind and caring human. He is my soul. He is my reserve of piety. He is my strength. He is my joy.

He is ten years old. And I am so very proud to be his mother.

Happy 10th Birthday. May you always find joy, Nicholas. May you always have love.



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16 01 2009

That was beautiful, in so many wonderful ways. I am sitting here stunned by the power of your words and I will read this again and again.

16 01 2009

HOW NICE TO SEE YOUR BLOG…. what a wonderful way to let us all into your life experiences. And to Nick… a grand 10th birthday and to you little Krissy.. ….to a wonderful and a very beautiful mommy…happy mommyhood. Keep up the great work

Auntie Lori

16 01 2009

How very very nice! Keep it up, mama. Sounds like it’s your birthday, too.

17 01 2009

Thanks so much guys…. Had a bit of nerves last night after I posted this….. So glad you liked it!!!

17 01 2009

Wow Kris. I feel speechless. You’re an amazing mama and an inspiration to your friends. Please keep up the wonderful words!

17 01 2009

Thank you Kris, for including me. It’s beautiful! You are an awesome Mom and I look forward to reading this. Please keep me in the loop on new posts!

17 01 2009

I was just sitting here crying about feeling lost and very unsure where I am in this whole show of a life. It’s hard raising these beautiful little children yet being strong with who you are. I feel sometimes that i have lost myself. But when you said it is your job to raise your children, it made me wake up. This is an imprtant thing we are doing, probably the most important. Raising good, compashanent people to keep going in this world that we live in. Thank you for remimding me that, that in itself is full filling. I tend to get caught up in the every day issues and let them drag me down. Doesn’t help it’s the middle of winter. You have done a wonderful job and have a beartiful boy to show for it. Love you Kris.

18 01 2009

Love yah Raven… It’s the hardest and most thankless job in the universe……. Keep your chin up, you’re a wonderful mom, and the one thing I admire most about you is your easy-going nature…..

18 01 2009

Kris that was absolutely beautiful. Your words just flow so effortlessly. I just love all my “mama friends” – I feel so close to you gals!
It is so empowering to be able to share our struggles, questions & joys with each other about our children…
And gotta admit that those little get together we have without kids can sure be sweet too… we ARE women… not ‘just’ mothers!
Like I tell my husband sometimes (usually around pms time) “Thank God I have my girlfriends to remind me I’m NORMAL!!!!!
A decade of Motherhood – that is incredible. Happy birthday Nick & Happy 10 years of Motherhood Kris.
love you lots, Annick

18 01 2009

I’m proud to say I’m one of those online assholes! That was the first time I ever, ever spoke to strangers over the internet…and it will be the last. I don’t think there will ever be a group of total strangers who could ever do what we did. I certainly didn’t think anything formidable could result from online interaction with strangers, it’s quite scary, really. Something was just written in the stars, and we were all meant to be friends. And just like “real” life, some have came and went and some have stood the test of time. Kris, I feel honored to call you “friend.” Thank you for letting me into your world! I love you!

19 01 2009
kendall pols

Kris… I’ve never blogged before, so I don’t know personally the experiance you were describing about your on-line gals and pals… however, you made me wish I was part of that circle of wonderfully weird and strange friends… to feel part of something so great and feel a sense of belonging… must be… so much fun! How can it not be!
I have to say, that your way of words… your ‘story telling’ is so incredible… to be part of your journey as an outsider listening is entertaining and easy. You described perfectly in beautiful words how I felt when I gave birth to my daughter… but I was unable to say so eloquently. Thankyou for that… I look forward to continue reading you blog… you are amazing… beautiful… a fun and loving cousin and one of my best friends … I love ya!

28 01 2009

Yea, those were the days. I miss them alot. I’m glad we have what we have though and I’m glad we can still be friends. I think that whole time was like a filter – it was meant for us to meet, weed out the people that weren’t meant to be and then in the end, only the good stuff remained…..Love you!

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